About Rahsia Estates Sdn Bhd

Rahsia Estates Sdn Bhd is a member of HD Concepts Consolidated Sdn Bhd group of companies. With a keen eye focused on innovative ideas and refined expression, the HD Concepts Group was initiated in 1987 with the incorporation of HD Consultants Sdn Bhd as a key player in the discipline of Interior Design. Guided by the pioneering vision of Founder and Chief Executive Hanizah Abdul Hamid, the company forged ahead into the high stakes of the Development Industry with prestigious projects in Kuching, like the Riverbank Suites, Merdeka Plaza and the New Kuching Courts of Sarawak. The launching of Verve magazine in 1993 further heralds a bright future of fresh perspective in publications.

Previous Projects

Merdeka Plaza


The mark of a truly metropolitan city is a centre point of cultural activity and community interaction and, Kuching, capital city of Sarawak, will have Merdeka Plaza. Destined to match the success of Covent Gardens of London and Pier 39 of San Francisco, the RM100 million project will inject a new personality into the historical Courthouse.

As the flagship of property development under the HD Concepts Group, the Merdeka Plaza project will entail a total of 37,986 square meters of retail, commercial, recreational and parking space spread over 6 levels, conjuring a synergy of activity and interaction in the unique spirit of a festive market.

The project will see to the redevelopment of the old shophouses as well as refurbishment of the existing historical buildings located at the very heart of Kuching, flanked by Padang Merdeka and the new Kuching Waterfront.

The historic nature of the Courthouse, the Pavilion, the Round Tower and the Clock Tower will be woven into the marketplace to bring together the rich history of the city and the promise of its commercial future. Furthermore, its distinguished potential as a festival market, in cultivating activities and events of civic importance – unique to each city and community, will allow the people of Kuching to express and celebrate their diverse culture and heritage drawn from 23 different ethnic groups.

New Kuching Courthouse


Developed by another of our property subsidiaries, Central Court Sdn Bhd, the RM40 million privatization project was completed by 1997, and presented to the Sarawak Judiciary to replace the existing Kuching Courthouse.

The overall development is a prestigious and landmark building on a 35-acre site of the new Court Complex in Petra Jaya, Kuching. Its function and forms will enhance Kuching’s administrative and legislative district. The implementation of this development programme, hand in hand with the restoration and refurbishment of the existing Courthouse, will see to a more functional and profitable application of prime real estate in the new Petra Jaya.

Riverbank Suites


Endowed with a rich and natural heritage, Sawarak has long been a much loved destination by the discerning traveler. Riverbank Suites translates the unique Sarawakian experience into a living environment with a liberating difference – luxury apartments and a commercial tower at the heart of Kuching City, along the rejuvenated waterfront of grand panorama.

Completed in December 1995, the Riverbank Suites presents 112 units of luxury apartments, encompassing a floor space sum of 23,000 square meters, complemented by restaurants and retail space, while the Commercial Tower, composite of the project, provide a thoroughly modern business centre.

Situated on the banks of the Sarawak River, the 15-storey building, architecturally expressed in the elegance of neo-classical motifs, further offers privileged unit owners docking facilities for their boats and yachts on the adjoining marina.

In terms of location and accessibility, the Riverbank Suites could not be better placed with the Hilton, Holiday Inn and Majestic Riverside hotels virtually next door, accessed by the primary trunk route of Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Interior Design


Having initiated the dream and vision at the very core of the HD Concepts Group, HD Consultants Sdn Bhd continues to offer unprecedented standards of creative distinction and cultural expression in their interior design discipline, and is further committed to bringing excellence to HD Concepts Consolidated Sdb Bhd’s development efforts. Many projects are also undertaken with other developer clients, including Landmarks, Pernas and Technology Resources Industries.

Amongst the projects we are proud to declare our involvement includes the aforementioned Serapi Wing of Holiday Inn Kuching, the new Kuching Courts, the Kuching Riverbank Suites, the Philippine Chancery, the Malaysian High Commission and Official Residence in Singapore, the Pedu Lake Golf Resort in Kedah and the Royal Teluk Rubiah Country Club in Perak. We are also poised for involvement in the Asia Jaya Hotel Complex, and work on Merdeka Plaza.

Sawarak, more than the other states, offers a vast treasure trove of ethnic patterns and crafts of mystique. So it was essential that in the Holiday Inn Kuching, we succeeded in manifesting these elements to their ultimate potential in the Serapi Wing. The signature of a work of passion expressed in creative uniqueness.

Project Management


With regards to project management, HD Concepts Communications Sdn Bhd (HDCC) is managed by a team of building industry professionals experienced not only with local requirements, but also in dealing with companies from abroad, which will prove to be a valuable asset when foreign input is required. We also offer a strong design base to complement the design input from the appointed consultant. Our involvement is extended throughout the whole process of any project, from identifying investment potential right through to the final accounting. HD Concepts Communications Sdn Bhd provides assistance during the development stages through our liaison with design consultants and continues to see them through to the processing of approvals with the local authorities.

The appointment of consultants and contractual award has always been part and parcel of the HDCC commitment. In the case of the Riverbank Suites, Merdeka Plaza and the New Kuching Courts, HDCC has fulfilled its responsibility in the co-ordination of work from various consultants and procuring approvals for the smooth flow of the projects and providing, in addition, the necessary workforce to facilitate our efforts. HDCC will continue to provide a complete project management package to ensure the successful completion of any project undertaken.

Hartamas Heights


Impeccably designed, the Hartamas Heights bungalow is situated on a 9,000 sqft piece of land. It spans 4 storeys, including a rooftop garden and basement car park, and is a residence of tasteful elegance.

Taking advantage of the existing slope, the design allows for a semi basement multipurpose space that can accommodate 4 cars or hold a dinner gathering for 60 people. Its upper floors feature generous openings to surrounding views, an infinity pool with a view of northern KL, immaculate, lush landscaping and gardens, and ingeniously planned operable louvered panels that allow for natural ventilation as well as protection from direct sunlight, strong winds and heavy rain. The Hartamas Heights bungalow is truly not merely a house but a home, combining beauty and comfort with elegance.